The Rush Fitness Complex - The Rush Fitness - Sales Fraud

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Sold a membership by the manager of the Hixson location, "Cancel anytime for only $99", well that's decent, only a few months fees, right? We go over the paperwork, fees, cancellation and we're off.

A few months go by, Wife is no pregnant (she can't go), I'm up to my ears in work... Call Corporate, surprise, surprise... not the case, read the fine print, we'll keep your butt in a contract for two years ($1,000+) with no negotiation. Maybe I wouldn't think they were full of it if they'd fire the sales guy, oh but he probably got a fat commission lying to me, thanks.

Crooks, I wonder how they sleep at night.


Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #584579

If you want a crowded gym to go to where the trainers who arent certified will train you and if you get hurt because of their lack of experience then thats on you.They also sexually harass members and the sales guys pride themselves on sleeping with as many members as possible and everyone hears about it.

This place is sleezy and a rip off.

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